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Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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Meeting Room Booking System

Answering the needs of the modern workforce with a flexible and fully integrated meeting room booking system that makes space management efficient and data-driven

Transforming your office into a smart workplace is easy and quick with the Smart Spaces® – customer or building-branded – app, as it simplifies the meeting experience for all involved.

A flexible system that works for the people

Workspace flexibility is the key to adapt to the shifting working patterns, post-Covid. As recently found by the British Council for Offices (BCO), 46% of workers will look to adopt a blended style to their return to the office approach.

With the majority of the workforce wanting the versatility to choose when to be in the office space and when to work from home, offering a fully integrated smart building app to organise their new work routine becomes essential.

46% workers want blended mode when returning to the office - graphic

Streamline the meeting room booking experience and manage demand

The Smart Spaces® Meeting Room Booking system solves the challenge of managing the booking of rooms, desks and communal spaces. Any last-minute changes are immediately visualised, making the experience effortless for both front-of-house staff and occupiers alike. As it updates in real-time, the calendar shows users what rooms or desks are free to use, their characteristics and even if they are scheduled to be cleaned.

meeting room booking software - room list view

An easy-to-use smart digital calendar available as a convenient app and web-based solution

Integrated to the other smart building features such as the touch-free access control, visitor management system (VMS) and food-ordering service, it brings the booking experience to the next level.

Occupiers and their employees can reserve the space needed with as simple a gesture as the tap of their finger, freeing front-of-house staff time which can be redirected onto other important tasks.

The Meeting Room Booking System capabilities
  • Outlook calendar integration
  • search by room location, size and layout
  • availability of in-room amenities – i.e. projector, screen, voice control, etc.
  • pre-meeting food-ordering
The best visitors’ experience

As the app interfaces with the Visitor Management System, setting up a meeting becomes a frictionless process. Organise it in a few minutes by selecting day and time and preferred room, and confirm to save it in the calendar. Participants will be notified of all the necessary details and, if they are visitors, an email with their temporary pass invite will be sent to their inbox. Pre-meeting food and drinks ordering and in-app push notification of the visitor’s arrival upon using the pass, provide additional value and care to their visit.

Customisation at its best: change, move or extend the time or type of room at any point

The app user interface is designed for the best user experience and to supports occupiers and staff in making the booking process a personalised one. The flexibility granted by the calendar means scheduling is driven by real-time needs and office space capabilities.

meeting room booking system - calendar and search results - smart spaces app

… and optimise your space for better, more efficient, utilisation

Optimally managing space is not an easy feat in any given time, but most of all in a changed, post-Covid-19, world.

As requirement increase, high flexibility and adaptability as well as compliance with social distancing and safety rules all need to be included in your workplace strategy.

In the web-based view, under-utilised space can be easily spotted and repurposed thanks to the real-time visualisation of the building floors.

Optimising the use of meeting rooms becomes effortless, too, as booking can be limited by the pre-defined characteristic of the room such as its size, so that no more than a certain number of people can reserve them.

Moreover, the smart app helps efficiently organise the cleaning routine by notifying when a room has been freed or, though contact tracing, when a space that has been recently used is now in the rooster for sanitisation.

meeting room booking - space occupancy view

The power to take the right decisions

The smart building app gives the power back to the occupiers, helping them manage their workforce presence in the office depending on the business needs.

Front-of-house staff can gain invaluable feedback from its occupiers and establish direct communication with them, too, thanks to the dedicated features of the app. These including direct messaging as well as automated notifications and are designed to support staff in providing superior and customised service based on what the occupiers really need.

smart building app - flexibility in the workplace


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