Digital Twin

Smart Spaces OS integrates a Digital Twin to drive efficiencies in the built environment.

Smart Spaces leverages its operating system API to create a digital replica of the building, which provides you real-time analysis, testing and actioning of the smart building systems.


Building Information Modeling (BIM)

The Digital Twin acts as a separate IoT platform for the building, permitting facility management teams to optimally operate and maintain building devices.

Harbouring data such as CO2/VOC, noise decibels, indoor light and occupancy levels, the digital twin acts as a node for improved workflow and an optimisation management system to boost operativity performance, at scale.

Users can locate each smart device the app controls wherever it sits in the building.

With full control functionality as well as retrievable efficiency reporting from each specified device, property managers have power over the entire building system life cycle and its sustainability impact.

Facility management teams benefit from a real-time view and control of the built environment.

The Smart Spaces’ Digital Twin provides both a granular and comprehensive view of the built environment, answering the need for efficient facility management for both engineers and the maintenance team.

The Digital Twin integration with the BMS makes maintenance planning, space and asset management extremely efficient, providing greater control over the overall property portfolio.


Smart Spaces’ Digital Twin portal advances BIM to converge operational, engineering and information technologies for you.

By collecting, processing and transforming the building data into actionable insights, the platform becomes a doorway to understand and enhance your properties’ capabilities.

Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will arm you with analytics visibility and real-time insights on your smart building so that you can anticipate any issues before they occur.

Benefits of Smart Spaces Digital Twin:

  • Collate data from different sources into one single pane of glass for a single source of truth of all your building systems
  • Improve performance throughout the asset life cycle
  • Act before an issue arise, thus, reducing operational and maintenance risks
  • Remote monitoring and control, with power to act off-site
  • Transparent, clear real-time view on the smart building data


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