Let your building do the work for you

Our platform was made to make your working life easier, and this is apparent through the service we provide. Whether it’s managing your clients, your rooms or your workplace issues, we can assist in the day-to-day tasks around your building.


Smart Spaces offers a completely personalised interface for every client, meaning that no one User Experience is the same.

As a white-label platform, occupiers can use their own personal branding, imagery and interface; this allows them to build on the foundations of Smart Spaces to create unique and personal experiences for every tenant.


Trust is the foundation that everything is built on – and our security measures make sure that your trust in our service isn’t misplaced.

Our bank-grade encryption means that your space’s data and control is always secure. Role-based access control approaches ensure that permissions over the control within Smart Spaces are relevant to your role within the workplace, and Geofence-Based-Access Control protects onsite access. This has been subjected to independent testing from multiple clients, who used their own pen-testing providers.

Facility Booking

Tired of fighting over the meeting room?

We want to help you organise your workplace. Booking meeting rooms and breakout areas has never been easier; simply search for the desired date and time of the meeting, fill in the attendance and our results page will show you the available space, allowing you to book within the app to save time and stress for securing your space.

Open office? Real-time desk booking allows you to secure your preferred seat and check which desks are available.

Visitor Management

Smart Spaces isn’t just making life easier for your workforce; its making it easier for your clients.

Our visitor management module means that the process of visiting your building has never been easier. Visitors simply download your affiliated smart spaces app to fill out the form for their appointment, requiring their scheduled time and email. Alternatively, an occupier can fill out this form on their behalf. This will send the details for the visit, including the location of the building and a temporary QR code required for access. Streamlining the process of visitor management leads to a straightforward, painless system for yourself and your clients.

Predictive Maintenance

Emergencies and breakdowns can be a giant cost to any business, and a tremendous inconvenience.

We believe that there are more productive uses of your time than reacting to system failures; so, we’ve implemented predictive fault management into smart spaces. Rather than simply reacting to faults, the app uses its knowledge of the building systems and products, notifying you when systems require maintenance or replacement.

Support Ticketing

Issues around the office? Let’s see if we can help.

Time is money, and any time spent resolving issues not relevant to your field of work simply isn’t worth the stress. We know that a purpose-built ticketing system is crucial to resolving issues before they get out of hand, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the best assistance possible.

The “Support” section within-app is your centralized hub for any problems you have inside your office space. Somebody keeps turning the heating down and you’re feeling cold? In desperate need for a handy man? Or – god forbid – somebody’s blocked the toilet?

Simply open the support page, answer a few questions (e.g. “Is this an emergency?”) and find your relevant issue. In the rare case where the problem is not within the support system, you can simply fill in a form with your complaint, and we will systematically categorise incidents to resolve your issues as quickly as possible.

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