Let your building do the work for you

Our platform was made to make working life easier, and this is apparent through the service we provide for occupancies. Whether it’s managing visitors, booking rooms or reporting workplace issues, we can assist in the day-to-day tasks surrounding your building.


Smart Spaces offers a completely personalised User Interface for every client, meaning that no smart building is the same.

As a white-label platform, Smart Spaces is happy to sit in the background, meaning property managers and landlords have control over the branding for their specific building application. This includes unique names, imagery and interface options for every variant of Smart Spaces, while preserving the functionality of the app itself.


Our security measures make sure that your trust in our service isn’t misplaced

Through the installation of Smart Spaces, your building is reconfigured to meet the highest security standards. Our bank-grade encryption means that your smart building’s data and controls are always secure.

Role-based control approaches ensure that permissions within Smart Spaces are specified under various role templates depending on the position of the inhabitant. Geofence-based access control protects onsite access to those that are actually within the building.

This has been subjected to independent pen testing from multiple clients.

Facility Booking

Occupants don’t want to fight over meeting rooms.

Whether it is a co-working or personal office space, Smart Spaces can assist with occupant organisation. Inhabitants can search by desired date, time and size of meetings, whereby available meeting and breakout rooms will show dependant on these specified fields within their smart building.

Occupants working in open office spaces have access to real-time desk booking, allowing them to see which desks are available and secure their preferred seat.

Visitor Management

Making life easier for workforces and their clientele.

Smart Spaces permits temporary access for visitors through our visitor management module. By downloading the affiliated Smart Spaces app, visitors fill out a form by specifying the company, scheduled time and their e-mail address. This can be filled out by occupants on a visitor’s behalf.

Upon confirmation, details of the smart building’s location of the visit and temporary QR access codes will be sent to the visitor, which they will require for building access. Smart Spaces streamlines the process of visitor management to create a painless system for occupancies.

Predictive Maintenance

Emergencies and breakdowns can be a tremendous cost and inconvenience for occupiers and landlords. 

Smart Spaces knows the life expectancy of systems within your smart building. So much so, that the platform will alert occupants and management staff when particular systems must be replaced.

This predictive fault management system saves occupants the hassle of dealing with system maintenance and replacement, lightening the administrative load on building management teams that is associated with traditional reactive maintenance.


Helping you get around.

Smart Spaces permits access to transport to and from the office in the form of E-Bus pass accessibility, proving to be particularly useful in larger business park instalments.

Taxi services can also be booked, helping occupants can get from their smart building to that crucial meeting without ever leaving the app.

Support Ticketing

Issues around the office? Let’s see if we can help.

Our purpose-built ticketing system allows inhabitants to report and resolve issues before they get out of hand. The support section within the app is a centralised hub for any problems occupants may have inside their space. This can range from calling a handyman to reporting the dreaded blocked toilet.

Occupants simply open the support section, answer a series of questions (e.g. “Is this an emergency?”) and find their relevant issue to report. In the rare case where a problem is not within the support system, occupants can fill in a form with their specific complaint about their smart building or space. Smart spaces will then systematically categorise incidents in order to resolve issues as soon as possible.


You’re only one step away from complete intelligent control of your office space or building. Enquire now to ensure that you’re part of the next generation of smart, sustainable and engaging platform.

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