Smart Workplace | this changes everything

Control your environment, engage your workplace community, offer secure and fully hands-free access to your building. Smart Spaces app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device.

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Smart Building OS | building engagement

Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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Insights | connect with our news

Discover the latest on Smart Space, IoT and automation, and the real estate sector in our insights section.

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Social Wall

Community Engagement

The next generation of employees wants a more engaging work environment, something we are committed to supplying

Interaction and engagement between your peers creates a more positive atmosphere around your work life.

Smart Spaces® Social Wall is your homepage, where yourself and other occupiers can post, like and share content – all in one scrollable feed.


Work smart, play smart

The events section allows you to scroll through one centralised, carefully curated page showing surrounding activities you may be interested in.

See who’s attending upcoming events and publish your attendance to convince your peers to join you!


Craving that Monday morning coffee? Looking for a deal on Friday night drinks?

You can’t go wrong with extra work perks. Parameter-based rewards allow occupiers of your building to save money by promoting local offers and discounts, all in one easily accessible area. These offers will change depending on the day, staying relevant to what each occupier may be interested in.


Looking for more from your shops?

Smart Rewards is an app for shoppers, giving customers access to exclusive discounts and reward tiers simply for walking into a shopping centre. No, you don’t even have to buy anything to start saving points and receiving discounts!

Scan receipts up to a month after your purchase to receive extra points for redemption in any participating shopping centre. For more information and a list of the participating centres, please visit

Messaging and Calls

We realise the importance of effective communication to your workload

That’s why we’ve included in-app messaging and call tools, allowing you access to a directory of other members to build your contacts.

Make calls, as well as private and group chats within the app to discuss projects, meetings or who’s on the coffee run.

Smart Spaces® isn’t just for systems; it’s for people

Inclusion of the Social Wall, Members, Messaging and Call functions keep you in touch with your peers, while Events and Reward sections keep you up to date with the world around your office space. Your job becomes easier when you’re working as a community.


Looking to smart enable your building, increase occupier engagement or just generally interested in the Smart Spaces offering and would like to know more? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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