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Control your environment, engage your workplace community, offer secure and fully hands-free access to your building. Smart Spaces app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device.

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Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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Desk Booking System

The returning workforce is asking for a blended approach that requires flexibility and choice. Smart Spaces® provides companies with the needed agility to manage these changing needs

The interactive and user-friendly Desk Booking System helps property managers and companies adapt to the changing work routine. The smart system supports staff and tenants meet the workforce evolved needs by optimising spaces and work schedules based on real requirements.

A smart app that adapts to the workforce needs

A recent research by the British Council for Offices’ (BCO) revealed that 46% of workers want to return to the office on a blended approach that sees a balance between remote and office-based work.

The Desk Booking dashboard – an interactive office plan view with desk selector – as well as the seamless integration with the other app features such as the touch-free access control, meeting room booking and food-ordering modules, make a multi-phased returning workforce easier to manage for both occupiers and front-of-house staff.

46% workers want blended mode when returning to the office - hot desking system

Streamline the desk booking process in a few clicks

Organising hundreds of booking requests becomes an easily achievable task, in a process that takes just a few swipes of a finger – or clicks of a mouse – to complete.

Efficiently planning around flexible working is a question of choice

The dedicated – client or building branded – smart app, for both iOS and Android, and multi-device web-based platform provide the agility needed for both front-of-house staff and tenants to manage spaces as needed. Moreover, they give the power back to the end-user which is free to choose when to be in the office.

The smart and agile way of working

Occupiers and their employee are able to decide which desks to book in real-time depending on their weekly, daily or even hourly needs.

Hot desking has never been this easy to manage thanks to the fully personalised smart building app that offers the freedom of changing, moving or extending the booking at any time. Locating, confirming and saving preferences on the selected desk  – in a quiet or lively area, in cooler or warmer temperatures – is a smooth experience as information for each space appears upon selection.

Booking can also be repeated based on previous interactions with the app, making the process even quicker

A confirmation email or push notification of the date, time and chosen desk are sent at the end of the process to the interested party.

Need to organise work by teams or employees want to sit near to friends?
The app lets users locate their team members or work friends, supporting a more sociable and productive office environment. It also facilitates group bookings by letting one user reserve seats for the whole team.

flexible working - desk booking selection and information

Make the workplace a healthier and safer space to be

Smart Spaces uses cutting-edge sensor technology that provides insights on the space utilisation and indoor environmental conditions. This invaluable view over the smart building real-time conditions helps optimise the overall space usage by spotting trends as well as wasted or under-used spaces, which can be repurposed differently.

Monitor and optimise the Indoor Air Quality for clean, fresh air that improves productivity

Sensors monitoring the indoor air quality (IAQ), and the harmful compounds that can be present in the air (e.g. carbon dioxide or CO2 and VOCs), help property managers provide better indoor conditions to their occupiers, as these affect people’s productivity and performance – high levels of CO2 are known to make people feel lethargic and overly tired.

The occupiers’ IAQ view provides reassurance and offers them a sense of control over their office space ‘health’ condition.

The Desk Booking Systems integrates with a deep cleaning roster calendar to automate the routine based on current use. Once a desk has been cleared, the cleaning crew can be immediately notified and sent to sanitise all critical surfaces, thus making the freed seat available in record time.

healty building - workplace indoor air quality


  • User-friendly, interactive desk booking calendar
  • Power to the user, making a multi-phased return to the workplace easy to manage
  • Effective integration with the touch-free access control, meeting room booking, food-ordering, cleaning routine, and more
  • Efficient indoor air quality monitoring
  • Optimisation of the workspace based on trends and real needs
  • Single or multiple desk bookings to organise teamwork
  • Client or building branded app
smart spaces app - desk booking feature benefits


Welcome to a smarter future

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