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Indoor Air Quality

Smart Spaces® supports owners, operators and property management companies to ensure healthier environments for tenants and staff.

Our cutting-edge sensor technology and industry-leading smart building platform integrate with the very latest air purification systems, providing effective monitoring and control capabilities.

Promoting a healthy building for workplace wellbeing

An effective Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) strategy – as well as efficient temperature, humidity and ventilation management – is increasingly viewed as vital for property managers striving to offer comfortable, healthy and sustainable environments to all occupiers.

Smart Spaces® deploys the latest indoor air quality sensor and monitoring technology that, integrated with the building ventilation system, supports the management of healthier indoor environments.

indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace

Learning from the Indoor Environment

By collating and analysing the data from the various smart sensors and building systems, the platform transforms raw data into actionable insights, which can be easily performed in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, monitoring the levels of airborne particulate concentration in the workplace and remotely controlling the temperature and humidity levels can be done with a simple click. Property managers can also benefit from analysis of historical trends, for a comprehensive view and support to their audits needs.

indoor air quality monitoring software

Real-time, Continuous Monitoring of the Indoor Air Quality

Leading industry research has shown that in the time we spend indoors (90% according to Harvard research), we can come into contact with many contaminants present in the air which can negatively affect our productivity and wellbeing.

In high-density occupancy areas, lack of proper ventilation patterns can cause high concentrations of CO2, as well as the build-up of harmful particles such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate PM. The Smart Spaces’ IAQ smart sensors and approved partners’ sensors can detect the most common compounds in the air and prevent dangerous levels from being reached by controlling remotely the right amount of fresh air as soon as a pre-defined target level is reached.

Smart Spaces IAQ dashboard - smart building software

The sensors can identify:

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels: 10ppm in 8 hours
  • Temperature: operative temperature of 20 to 24C during winter and 23C to 26C during summer
  • VOCs: presence of formaldehyde, benzene, etc
  • Relative Humidity (RH): recommended range of 40 to 70%
  • Particulate matter: PM 0.5 (particles < 0.5 μm), PM 1.0, PM 2.5, PM 9.0, PM 10.0 (< 10.0 μm)
  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NOX)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Air pressure
  • Lux
  • Noise dB
ss indoor air quality sensor

Bipolar ionisation systems are the answer to reduce infectious pathogens by more than 90%.

With bipolar ionisation, infectious pathogens can be stopped at the filter level. Aerosol particles dispersion in the environment makes bipolar ionisation systems an invaluable ally to defeat most harmful compounds, which can be commonly transmitted through the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC).

From mould to viruses, dust to bacteria, bipolar ionisation technology – applied to the existing HVAC system – releases ions into the airflow, neutralising these particles naturally. Use of the Smart ION system can also reduce energy consumption as it recirculates more internal, cleaner purified air as opposed to drawing from the outside.

Recent research on this smart technology has also found that these easily installed, low-maintenance and energy-efficient systems could potentially neutralise SARS-CoV-2 in about 30 minutes.

Smart Spaces bipolar ionisation technology


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