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Control your environment, engage your workplace community, offer secure and fully hands-free access to your building. Smart Spaces app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device.

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Smart Building OS | building engagement

Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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Discover how it all began, where we are headed and our commitments to clients and partners.

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Lifestyle Management

The go-to solution for an exceptional lifestyle experience in the workplace

Smart Spaces® Lifestyle Management module is a 24/7 assistant supporting personal and work-related lifestyle needs.

The Lifestyle Manager takes care of occupiers, every day

The Lifestyle Manager provides services that span from simple restaurant bookings or lunch deliveries, to the organisation of elaborate corporate events.

Let your occupiers enjoy the next-level user experience in the office environment without the worry of having to organise it themselves.

Your personalised work-life balance

Through the building dedicated Lifestyle Magazine, we meet occupiers’ daily requirement so that they can focus their time and energy where it matters the most. Occupiers have access to a wealth of services and fulfilling experiences including Wellness, Dining, Social, Corporate hospitality and more.

lifestyle management wellness services

A different visitor experience

Ask the Lifestyle Manager to organise a memorable day and win your visitors over.

Require transport from and to the airport for them? Want to offer dry cleaning and tickets to an event? Or need to organise a business lunch on the premises?

These, and many other options, are available through the lifestyle module to provide not only occupiers, but their visitors too, a remarkable experience.

Your wellbeing at work

Occupiers can also enjoy the workplace in a host of new ways. Short on time for a hair & beauty fix? Want to get back to a fitness routine or have a sore back and need a massage? Require some fashion and shopping advice?

Getting in touch with the Lifestyle Manager can quickly solve every day – as well as more special – needs.

lifestyle management wellness services

Restyling your work environment

Smart Spaces® is the personalised, completely branded, and unique smart building app that helps create an engaging, connected and fully smart space for the occupiers of your building.

Not just about work

Changing habits ask for a changing work environment that takes into account modern ancillary requirements.

Integrating community, visitor management, meeting rooms booking, lifestyle, concierge, access control and more, the platform builds upon the existing building networks to allow for a more accessible and efficient control over your building.

lifestyle management - smart building


Welcome to a smarter future

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