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Apple Wallet and Google Wallet Access solutions for your building

3 Aug 2023

Apple & Google wallet access solution technology advances, the traditional methods of accessing buildings are gradually being replaced by smart solutions that offer increased convenience, security, and efficiency.
Among these innovations, mobile wallet systems such as Apple Wallet and Google Wallet have emerged as a must have for any asset considering a smart solution. This change in smart building access is transforming not just the way we enter but also the way in which we interact with our building and its facilities.


Smart building access solutions have gained significant momentum in recent years due to their ability to streamline operations and enhance user experience. This is highlights the weaknesses that traditional methods like physical keys, access cards, or PIN codes have in terms of security, management, and user-experience.


Apple Wallet and Google Wallet, initially entered the market by allowing the storing of payment cards and tickets now allow a whole new level of access control. This technology leverages the power of smartphones or smart watches to offer users a secure and convenient way to enter the workplace and building systems. When a user approaches a compatible access point, they tap their device on the reader and if authorised, the door or gate will unlock. This technology is evidenced at 22 Bishopsgate which has been smart enabled by Smart Spaces, in partnership with HID and is a European first Apple wallet integration.


Security is a key consideration in smart building access systems and both Apple and Google Wallet complement this by providing multiple layers of security, including device authentication and biometrics such as fingerprint or facial recognition. These measures ensure that only the authorised user can gain entry.


One of the key advantages of using mobile wallets for building access is the ability to integrate seamlessly with other applications on the user’s smartphone. Building managers can also integrate access control with other building related functionalities like visitor management systems, elevator control, locker access, printer and vending machine control. This has created a truly interconnected ecosystem with the Smart Spaces superapp being the “glue” that enables this.


Smart Spaces are currently developing this functionality and will showcase some of this at “Tap into the Future”, our Smart Building Showcase at Proptech Connect on 6th and 7th September. This unified experience not only enhances user convenience it also simplifies building management as administrators can easily issue or revoke access privileges without the need for physical card replacements, this becomes particularly valuable as it streamlines onboarding and offboarding processes.


The evolution of smart building access together with the widespread adoption of mobile wallet technologies like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet has revolutionised the way we interact with modern buildings. The convenience, security, and seamless integration offered by this technology makes it an ideal choice for both building managers and users and as technology continues to advance, Smart Spaces will continue to innovate, pushing forward toward an even more connected and efficient future.


To learn more about how Smart Spaces can benefit your business, feel free to get in touch or request a free demo. Alternatively, we would love to meet you and demonstrate this in use at Proptech Connect.

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