Smart Spaces

The IoT platform developed by D2 Interactive.

The Smart Spaces development team has a diverse wealth of experience in website and mobile app design for the property industry across the UK. As a Central London-based team, they have worked successfully on highly complex, large scale projects in one of the world’s leading business hubs. Today they continue to connect thousands of brokers and providers in the co-working and serviced office sectors.


Founding brothers, Dan and Tom Drogman, have envisioned leading PropTech development in the UK with the innovation of white-label IoT platform Smart Spaces; in response to the need for property managers to provide more services and better connect with occupiers in such a competitive industry, especially considering the exponential growth of flexible office spaces.

Already, Smart Spaces has successfully provided Great Portland Estates PLC with a brand tailored mobile app for one of their Central London office developments. The app connects occupiers to the building by enabling live energy readings, 360° control of IoT devices and more. Management systems including visitor and maintenance systems are made smarter, and community is built all on the app. In addition, to connecting people to smart buildings, the Smart Spaces platform enables real-time communication by integrating with conversational AI, Amazon Alexa.

The future of Smart Spaces is full of opportunity as IoT devices advance and are adopted by more smart buildings.


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D2 Interactive specialises in software development, UI, UX, account management, creative design and consulting. Furthermore, they can provide digital marketing strategies and drive user adoption. Learn more today on how Smart Spaces can transform your workplace community and help your building become truly ‘smart’.


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