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Our Story and Achievements

22 Bishopsgate

17 Jun 2021

Following an exhaustive global procurement process and an extensive evaluation period upon selection, including evidencing systems integration capability with a focus on Lenel Access Control, Smart Spaces® was appointed as the Smart Building App provider to 22 Bishopsgate.


Over the past year, Smart Spaces has engaged all stakeholders to ensure their development of the 22 Bishopsgate App met and surpassed the user experience envisioned by AXA Investment Managers and their building management partner, JLL. It started with a simple thought: if I can use my phone for pretty much everything else in life, why shouldn’t I be able to use my phone to access a building?


Positive-Sum Thinking

22 Bishopsgate believe in creating outcomes for the benefit of all parties. Adopting an app-first approach has enabled both the building owner and its customers with a mechanism for fair and universally accessible access to their workspaces and everything the building has to offer. Making technology work for all, has been at the heart of this strategy and the benefits to be enjoyed are exceptional. This game-changing decision has become the exemplar model for tall buildings.


A Phased Approach

Smart Spaces have delivered the 22 Bishopsgate Workplace App with:

• In-App Digital Access Cards
• Facial Recognition Registration (optional)
• Visitor Booking & Visitor Management
• The Market: ordering, booking and payments
• Social Wall and Events booking
• Covid Safe Guidance and Documentation


This will be followed by:

• Active Commuter Park (ACP) digital locks, bike tagging and space monitoring
• Building Amenities & Booking i.e. Gym Class
• Support Desk


How Does It Work?

Smart Spaces has pioneered multi security access control integration to enable users of the 22 Bishopsgate App to add their own doors, even when appointing a different access control vendor to Lenel. Working closely with each occupier, Smart Spaces advise on compatible door readers and extended access technologies such as printing and smart lockers to ensure the digital credentials can be used, safely and securely, across both the landlord and occupier systems.


Smart Visitor Management

Use the 22 Bishopsgate App to invite your guests direct from the palm of your hand. A styled HTML email invitation is automatically sent to visitors enabling access through the Lobby Gates. Securely connected to the Lenel Access Control System, visitors to 22 Bishopsgate will enjoy a world-class smart building arrival experience.


Cyber Security & GDPR Compliance

Users agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when first accessing the 22 Bishopsgate App which reflects our commitment to the ethical use of data. We only need to know who is in the building for operational security and risk management. Users are free to opt into services where further data may be stored to provide the service. These include facial recognition which is completely optional. A user simply takes a selfie and onboards themselves to that feature and users can opt-out of any service at any time.


Integrated Occupier Offering

Occupiers can add more functionality to the 22 Bishopsgate App or ask Smart Spaces to create their own branded version. Add-ons include:


• Connected doors
• Smart Meeting Room Booking
• Smart Desk Booking
• IoT Sensors
• Bespoke integrations


Do more with your workplace app: discover how Beazley UK got smarter by integrating other smart technologies into their personal workspace at 22 Bishopsgate.



What’s Next?

Smart Spaces are currently developing the dedicated Food Ordering App for Rhubard, operators of the 22 Bishopsgate Food Market and restaurants. They are also working closely with Apple on opening up iOS devices to utilise NFC instead of Bluetooth, which is envisioned to improve the user experience even further. As the world of technology moves at a relentless pace, Smart Spaces as guardians of the App are retained purposefully to guarantee continuous smartphone compatibility for all users.

Smart Spaces will also be releasing new updates to the 22 Bishopsgate App as more residents move in and remain highly motivated to meet and surpass the exceptional demands of delivering the world’s smartest skyscraper all day, every day.




Continued Innovation

Smart Spaces believe in constant innovation and have created the world’s leading white-label Smart Building Employee-Engagement App, which combines live meeting room and desk booking with community, communications, smart controls and facilities management tools.

Detailed reporting on space optimisation based on real-time data collection is viewed via the dashboard and our ground-breaking Digital Twin visualisation tools use IAQ and occupancy sensors to provide optimised settings that drive productivity, operational efficiency and longer-term energy savings.

We have captured the user interface in action using a short film which you can view here:



Welcome to a smarter future

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