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Our Story and Achievements

Croxley Park

Columbia Threadneedle

The 700,000 sq. ft of offices and buildings that comprise Watford’s Croxley Park joined Smart Spaces in August 2018.

Columbia Threadneedle instructed Smart Spaces to build the Croxley Park app as part of a programme to modernise the park. Smart Spaces worked with Blast Design to create the branded interface for the app.

Since its release, the app has succeeded in obtaining the buy-in of Croxley Park users. Of the 2,400 employees based at Croxley Park, over 1,300 are active daily users of the Croxley Park app.

The social ecosystem of the park has gradually become synonymous with that of the app – the campus facilities of Croxley Park are now accessible to all app users.


The Pod. The Park. The Honey.

The Hub at Croxley is a modern meeting pod that companies housed at Croxley Park can hire free of charge. The Croxley app revolutionised the booking process: bookings can be made, cancelled or amended via a meeting room screen on the app.

The administrative burden that this relieves has freed up the park management and event team to keep Croxley Park’s legion of app users availed of what’s on at Croxley. Nothing garners more attention than the annual production and sale of the Croxley honey.

The app shall now be used to regulate the frenzy that follows the first-come-first-served release of this Croxley delicacy; purchase shall be available only through the app.

For newcomers to the park (or even the spatially challenged), GPS integrated maps of the Park, Watford and the surrounding areas are available via the app.




You may pass.

Employees at Croxley Park have free access to a shuttle bus that runs from the business park to the nearby tube and train stations. Smart Spaces was asked to incorporate this bus pass into the Croxley Park app, as the park sought to reduce the reliance on physical passes that can be lost or lent.

A Croxley Park resident need only show their animated bus pass available via one click from the app – to the driver, to take advantage of this perk. We also installed GPS beacons on buses that serviced Croxley Park, so that users can also use the app to see the real-time location of the next bus.

Unlike physical passes, once its owner no longer works at Croxley Park, their pass can be instantly deactivated, ensuring that the subsidised services remain a boon that only the current Croxley inhabitants can utilise.

Likewise, bikes are available to hire – free of charge – from the Park management. One pass on the app equals one free bike.

Croxley Direct is an exclusive chauffeur service, available solely to companies who call Croxley Park home.

Through the app, users can request to be either dropped off at or picked up from Croxley Park in the park’s Mercedes – perfect for impressing visitors!

The app streamlines this process, as well as retaining a permanent record of which users make the best use of this feature.

Welcome to a smarter future

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