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Introducing Claudia Wright, Head of Culture at Smart Spaces

13 Mar 2020

Creating a healthier, happier, workplace results in healthier, happier, employees and an overall more motivated workforce. As Head of Culture, I understand that wellness in the workplace is more important than ever, therefore employers must accommodate and promote this as much as possible. After all, you’ve got to practice what you preach!

Smart Spaces was built thinking about people first, with the community at the heart of our core values.

We mentioned in our recent blog PropTech Trends and Predictions for 2020 about the rise in popularity of co-working and co-living spaces. In the article, we explain what is essential for connecting not only the tenants to the building managers but also to the rest of the development: shops, restaurants, gyms and other local amenities.

Smart Spaces is made up of key features that help to connect people and build a strong community vibe which is accessible for everyone and gives each user total control over what they share and see.

Millennials, Gen-Z and the next generation of workers, actively seek a more engaging work environment when on the lookout for a new challenge or new role. The key feature of the Smart Spaces app is the Social Wall. We are firm believers that the right tech can boost employee’s wellbeing and the Social Wall allows employees to connect, interact, engage with each other and create an overall positive atmosphere.

Smart Spaces understands how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance.

As much as we are taught that the best way to practice mindfulness is to switch off from the digital world, it’s essential to remember that many people appreciate social media as a distraction and a way to wind down after a busy day.

The Social Wall allows users to create a profile where they can post, like, comment and share content on one simple-to-use feature. They can announce team activities, social get-togethers such as after-work drinks or casual Christmas lunches and utilise our next feature – Events.

Planning group activities – whether it’s two or twelve of you- is made so much simpler when you have access to one centralised list of carefully curated local events. Whether you’re looking for a way to let your hair down after work, try something new or start a new hobby, the events tab is sure to spark inspiration and help you on your way to a healthy work-life balance. What’s more, this feature allows you to publish your attendance, which is ideal when you’re trying to convince fellow colleagues to join you.

As well as having access to information about local events, Smart Spaces also allows users to take advantage of loyalty offers and deals, all based on parameter to the building, which means they can be used morning, lunchtime or evening. Whether it’s nipping out to grab a deal on a haircut after work, a discounted gym session at lunch, 20% off the new breakfast hot-spot or a team teppanyaki on a Thursday night. Similar to Events, all Offers are located in one easy to use list and change depending on the day, time or what each occupier may be interested in to make sure all information is personalised and relevant.

We are social, we think social

As an extremely social company ourselves, we understand the importance of quick and effective communication, and the effects it can take on a person’s workload, mood and productivity. To ensure Smart Spaces encompasses all aspects of building and maintaining a community, we built an in-app call and messaging tool. This gives users access to instant messaging within group chats, private chats, confirming meeting rooms and times, or just to give whoever is on the coffee run a nudge!

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Welcome to a smarter future

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