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Tap into the Future with Apple Wallet

30 Aug 2023

Gone are the days when you find yourself fumbling for your bank card, holding up the queue on the subway.

We have moved towards a smarter, more connected world where bank cards, flight boarding passes and concert tickets are all integrated into your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

So why are we still rummaging through bags and pockets for that pesky access fob when arriving at the office?


Smart buildings deserve smarter access solutions

As technology advances, more companies are replacing traditional methods of accessing buildings with smart solutions that offer increased convenience, security, and efficiency.

Smart building access solutions have gained significant momentum in recent years, with the ability to streamline operations and enhance user experience. Solutions like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet aren’t just offering teams a more seamless experience but are also highlighting the drawbacks and security concerns associated with more traditional methods like keys, cards, fobs and pin codes.

The technology leverages the power of smartphones or smart watches to offer a secure and convenient way to enter the workplace. Users simply approach a compatible access point, tap their device on the reader, and the gate will open if the user has the appropriate authorization.

This technology can already be seen in action at 22 Bishopsgate in London, a smart building enabled by Smart Spaces in partnership with HID, and is a European first for Apple Wallet integration.

Making security a priority

Security should always be a priority for buildings, with only authorized personnel being granted access. Our Apple Wallet and Google Wallet integrations deliver upon this by providing multiple layers of security, including device authentication and biometrics like facial recognition or fingerprint scanning.

Not only this, but the nature of Apple and Google Wallet integrations allow a more simplified approach to building managers, allowing administrators to have complete control over who has access to the building. Should an employee leave a job or be reassigned to a different location, their access can be revoked or edited without the need to obtain a physical card.


Fully integrated building management

A key advantage of using mobile wallets for building access is the ability to seamlessly integrate this with other applications on a user’s smartphone. For instance, access control can be used alongside other functions like visitor management systems, elevator control, locker access and even vending machine or printer control. This means a user can remain fully connected to the workplace, giving them the control and autonomy to interact with the building ecosystem freely and without restriction.

The evolution of smart building access, coupled with the widespread adoption of mobile wallet technology like Apple Wallet and Google Wallet has revolutionized the way we interact with modern buildings. The convenience, security, and seamless integration offered by this technology make it an ideal choice for both building managers and users.



A smarter, more efficient future

The Smart Spaces vision is simple. We aim to build a smarter and more efficient future. We create technology that works for both the building manager and end user, ensuring workspaces can become more energy efficient, better connected and more enjoyable places to be. We live in a world where everyday life has become seamlessly linked with technology and we aim to bring this ethos to the workplace.

We place everything a user needs from their workspace at their fingertips, from smart access to finding an EV charging port, meeting room bookings to planning lunchtime activities. These smarter, more connected buildings perform for the building managers and operators too. Helping lower energy consumption, drive towards sustainability targets, and improve employee wellbeing.



Partnering with HID to unlock the office of the future

Partnerships are the driving force of innovation. By working with some of the most esteemed companies around the world, Smart Spaces are able to leverage emerging technology to deliver solutions that improve the efficiency, security, and convenience of the workspace. We have partnered with HID on a number of projects, including 22 Bishopsgate, to bring Apple Wallet smart building access to the masses. We’re excited to see these projects come to fruition and deliver a truly game changing solution in access control.

Every day, millions of people in more than 100 countries use HID products and services to securely access physical and digital places. Billions of things that need to be identified, verified and tracked are connected through their technology.


Visit Smart Spaces at WorkTech New York (Wednesday 27th September 2023)

Smart Spaces is heading Stateside! We’ll be joining our exciting partners WorkTech New York on the 27th September.

If you’re visiting the conference, swing by to meet with our team and find out how our smart building OS is driving us towards a more sustainable, secure, and connected future for the workplace. We’ll be at the event showcasing our Apple Wallet smart building access integrations and discussing the future of the sector. Find out more about the event and register here.

Smart Spaces at WorkTech New York


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