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Control your environment, engage your workplace community, offer secure and fully hands-free access to your building. Smart Spaces app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device.

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Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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Discover the latest on Smart Space, IoT and automation, and the real estate sector in our insights section.

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Our Story and Achievements

Beyond COVID-19

We are already helping Property Managers offer a safe workplace to their staff, occupiers, their employees and visitors

As restrictions start to get lifted, preparing your workplaces for a post COVID-19 world becomes vital. Smart Spaces® provide a working solution to the issues that back to work poses.

Touch-Free Access Control

A Safer and Seamless Tenants and Visitors’ Experience

COVID-19 has been found to spread by way of contact with surfaces (i.e. fomite transmission). Providing contactless access to occupiers and visitors becomes an essential strategy to retain them and prepare the workplace for a safe return.

Doors, turnstiles, speed lanes, lifts can all be controlled by our single-interface app to provide seamless touch-free access to, and navigation of, the building. Integrated with your existing building management system (BMS), our easy-to-implement app – for both Android and iOS smartphones – offers occupiers a safer entrance experience and enhanced controls of their environment.

To ensure a high standard of security is always maintained, our platform is protected against cybersecurity attacks and individual access rights are managed by the building administrator at the occupiers’ level.

The Smart Visitor Management Systems integration makes meeting clients and visitors simpler and safer, too. The system supports front-of-house staff and provides an enhanced arrival experience for guests. Once booked in the calendar, the visitor is sent an automated, styled and client-branded email template explaining the arrival protocol, the safety measures in place, and including an easy to use, temporary access pass. As soon as the pass is used, notification of arrival is sent to the organiser making for an efficient and timely welcome.

smart spaces contactless access control - smart building

Air Quality Assessment & Management

Digital Twin for HVAC control

To prevent the spread of the pandemic, the REVHA – Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Associations – has advised property managers to increase ventilation of spaces and to switch to using outdoor air, whilst closing the building recirculation dampers. Leaked UK government documents detailing the plan for the final lift of restrictions aslo state offices will be required to meet new workplace ventilation standards.

Smart Spaces® Operating System supports Facility Managers to assess, regulate and maintain high standards of indoor air quality by integrating with the BMS.
Thanks to the interactive Digital Twin visualisation, a 3D replica of your building, we provide a 360° view, at a floor and room level, and full remote control over the HVAC system with real-time operating, maintenance and engineering actioning.

Our Indoor Air Quality sensors continuously analyse the enclosed environment and feed the information to the smart dashboard. Harbouring data analytics such as CO2/VOC, noise decibels, indoor light, temperature and humidity levels, we focus on your occupiers’ wellbeing and productivity, for an enhanced workplace experience.

IAQ sensor and smart office app - smart spaces os

Social Distancing Management

Digital Twin for workspace utilisation and space usage tracking

This new normal calls for an effective solution to manage how the workspace is used and by whom. With Smart Spaces®, you can easily optimise your workspace usage and make the office flexible to answer changing needs. We do it by sensing and processing your building occupancy data and providing the reports and insights you require to keep your staff and occupiers safe.

Through our platform, social distancing can be implemented and promoted thanks to space density, workspace usage and real-time availability data and visualisation of desks and meeting rooms. The distance between people can also be monitored and washroom cleaning and ordering of consumables tracked for an increased sanitisation routine.

Desk and Meeting Room Booking

Social distancing has imposed a re-evaluation of space usage. With real-time headcount within meeting rooms and desk areas, you can maximise your workspace occupancy, whilst improving facility management. A flexible booking system for real-time desk and room availability, in fact, lets you decide which spaces can be accessed and the number of people that can enter them, providing an efficient way to reduce the room capacity and re-thing the desk usage. A comprehensive view of desk and room booking also helps in organising the sanitisation of surfaces after use.

Learn more about our Meeting Room Booking System and Desk Booking System.

Availability Indicators & Status Flags

3D printed room status flags digitally change their colour to show the room status – occupied, free, ready to be cleaned, cleaning in progress, and more – offering an easy-to-implement, universally understood, tool to keep occupiers informed at any time. Integration with our meeting room booking system, as well as washrooms use notifications and cleaning routine management means occupiers won’t risk entering an occupied room accidentally. The space management sensors connected to our smart app will send a signal to the flags when the room density is already over capacity, in respect to social distancing rules, or differently occupied, providing a safer use of the work environment for everyone.

space management app for social distancing

Community Engagement

Engagement beyond the workplace

As return to the office will follow a gradual approach, part of the workforce will keep working from home. Smart Spaces® is first and foremost a workplace engagement app, designed to help create an enhanced work-life balance for occupiers and their employees. To build a connected and active workplace community, our platform offers a Social Wall, a scrollable feed in which to share the latest news, events and activities to keep up to date with the workplace life, a personal chat and call feature for private conversation and free access to a list of curated magazines for break time.

community engagement - connecting the workplace worklife balance


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