Smart Workplace | this changes everything

Control your environment, engage your workplace community, offer secure and fully hands-free access to your building. Smart Spaces app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device.

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Smart Building OS | building engagement

Smart Spaces Operating System elevates building intelligence, providing a secure and cloud-based IoT platform that interfaces with the data present within modern building systems.

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COVID-19 Ready

With existing Smart Spaces® enabled buildings already running COVID-19 Ready, we are able to offer our expertise and fully operational Building OS to help everyone back to a safe workplace.

Touch-free Technology | building safe OS

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Smart Workplace

Smart Spaces® app allows you to conduct every aspect of your working day, in and around your building, all from your mobile device. Control of your environment, community activities, security and fully hands-free access for both you and your visitors. We call this touch smart tenancy.

Smart Workplace | this changes everything

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Smart Building OS

Smart Building OS is a 360° software platform that allows you to connect with every operational part of your building. In addition, a bespoke network of sensors, hardware and BIM modelling provides real-time data, allowing you smart connectivity and live visualisation so you can clearly see the impact of every smart decision you make.

Smart Building OS | building engagement

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We believe that as buildings become more connected than ever, they should become more intelligent

Today, a tailor-built workplace experience is a pre-requisite to attract and retain top talent. Smart Spaces® puts occupiers first, providing landlords with a distinct building intelligence to inspire and engage.

Building Engagement

Trusted by leading real estate companies

Smart Spaces® adapts your building to take on future challenges

By flexibly integrating leading-edge smart technologies to the building management system, our platform provides the flexibility and the capabilities to quickly adapt to constantly evolving environments. Full control and visualisation of the portfolio of assets and real-time remote actionability give landlords and property managers the ability to improve operational engineering and maintenance of the building.

We believe smart technologies are the vehicle to creating efficient workplaces and that sustainability in office buildings can be achieved before the Government 2050 deadline. This is why we provide a platform that future-proofs the building and accelerates its journey towards net-zero carbon emissions.

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Smart Spaces® puts the employee first

To attract and retain occupiers, it is paramount to provide a productive workplace and an inspiring, engaging work environment

This is why our technology places a particular emphasis on building engagement, giving employees revamped control over their working life. This ranges from physical – environmental and access – controls, to control over their work-life balance through community features and concierge services.

Our platform was built to streamline the points of friction for businesses, bridging the gap between property owners and their tenants to build something truly smart.


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