Smart Spaces

Building Infostructures

Today, a tailor-built workplace experience is a pre-requisite to attract and retain top talent. D2i’s Smart Spaces platform gives your building the intelligence needed to inspire and engage.

What is an infostructure?

Infostructure refers to the framework used for the collection and distribution of information within a modern businesses.

We specialise in the development of complex infostructures. Smart Spaces securely organises your building’s data to provide complete 360° control over each office space, allowing occupants to engage with their smart building and working communities to create an experience truly unique to each occupant.

Is your building smarter than you think?

As smart buildings continue to become more connected than ever, we believe they should become more intelligent.

You may be surprised to find that, provided your building systems have been updated in the last 10 years, it has the capability to be smart.

The exchange of data between systems within your building drives the functionality of Smart Spaces, ranging from services such as real-time operational feedback to system routine prediction and automation. It’s more than just energy efficiency.

Future-proof your building, without the expensive hardware

Smart Spaces doesn’t require costly IoT hardware fittings and prolonged installation procedures.

Capable of smart-enabling any viable building, our API can be implemented over existing building systems to provide a securely encrypted, user-friendly mobile application capable of quick installation into the workplace.

Our clients can prepare their building for the future using Smart Spaces, with the option to install additional sensors and IoT hardware if the need arises. D2 will be able to provide its expert advice on relevant hardware once it has been stress-tested.

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You’re only one step away from complete intelligent control of your office space or building. Enquire now to ensure that you’re part of the next generation of smart, sustainable and engaging platform.

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