Landlords & Property Managers

Landlords & Property Managers

Set your building aside. Get ahead of the curve.

Smart Spaces elevates building intelligence, providing a securely encrypted cloud-based IoT platform that synergises with the exchange of data present within modern building systems.

Capable of smart enabling any viable building, our platform provides unique value over traditional models by placing a unique emphasis on your tenants.

Employee Wellness is promoted by giving your occupants autonomy over their interior environment. This allows for control over lighting, heating and access control – all from the comfort of their pocket.

With the rise of co-working, employees and their organisations are constantly seeking workplaces with a sense of community. This is why Smart Spaces doubles as a social media platform for your building, allowing occupants to be aware of local offers, events, chat and access an interactive, scrollable news feed all from the app itself.

Sustainability is encouraged through system routine prediction and automation, alongside real-time energy feedback, goal-setting and reports. Organisations can benchmark their energy performance against each other, strategically gamifying the energy-saving process to encourage eco-friendlier office spaces.

Concierge services offer a unique opportunity to interact with your tenants, offering restaurant, meeting room and desk bookings, in-app support services for front-of-house staff, as well as taxi booking and visitor management functionality.

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Looking to smart enable your building, increase occupier engagement or just generally interested in the Smart Spaces offering and would like to know more? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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