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25 Mar 2022

Smartbuildings22 London set the new standard for knowledge sharing by hosting its dedicated workplace innovation event in the World’s smartest building – 22 Bishopsgate.

Packed full of leading thinkers and industry practitioners who came together to discuss market trends and customer demand, exploring ways to enhance the performance of space, technology and people. Delegates were treated to building tours including a 360 walkaround Europe’s highest viewing gallery and got to experience first-hand the new technologies that are now shaping the built environment.

The agenda and content for the day included topics around what the future of connected building really means and how 22 Bishopsgate was enabled. The road to carbon Net Zero, sustainable buildings and user-experience at the heart of the matter, new and exciting global case studies were shared, and insights offered into the latest thinking around Workplace Apps, Property Technology, Connected Urban Environments, 5G, Open Roaming, IoT Sensors, Cloud and Mobile Technology, AI and AR.

During the keynote speech, Sir Stuart Lipton asked the audience if they wanted to return to Battery Farming or stay Free Range. The overwhelming response was to stay free range. So, how can we get the balance right? The day then started with our CEO Dan Drogman participating in a panel discussion around “a blueprint for the office of the future.” The panel discussed how the workplace is emerging from the pandemic in an altered form, adjusting to the new habits of hybrid working and the drive for more collaborative and efficient working environments with the key takeaway being how technology will be key to enabling this. Dan explained the new starting point for Developers and Landlords is the technical foundations that will be laid down in order to future proof the building. This includes a secure, high-performance network backbone and ensuring all devices that sit on the network, will then facilitate a secure open protocol for future integration.

Further topics and discussions throughout the day included – The state of the workplace in a post-pandemic world, the journey and vision for London’s vertical village, the strategic case for delivering smart and sustainable environments, the future of connected buildings and the super experience – enabling 22 Bishopsgate.

The event was concluded with a panel discussion joined by our Director, Global Head of Occupier Services Matthew O’Halloran discussing “The Occupiers perspective”. This discussion delved into 22 Bishopsgate’s values and purpose and how they are committed to a focus on wellbeing, learning, equality and sustainability. These values have made the difference in attracting global Enterprise occupier brands. We also heard from Simon Robinson, Head of Facilities at The Beazley Group sharing the value that Smart Spaces have bought to their workplace by providing a global workplace app to provide secure access to their offices, room booking with integrated calendar and full IoT sensor coverage with capacity management tools used across their 50,000 Sq Ft over two levels.

In conclusion, this event was groundbreaking in that it moved the narrative away from what people should be thinking about to what industry leaders are actually doing.  Helped by being able to evidence the tangible technology which sits at the heart of the Smart Spaces Platform. Our partnership with 22 Bishopsgate was on full show and meant Delegates were able to get a real sense of what a unified group of people with a shared vision can accomplish together. We would like to thank Unwired for putting this event together and look forward to the next one in November.

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