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How Can We Best Improve The Workplace Experience?

13 Feb 2019

Improving Your Workplace Communication

Developing People Globally produced an infographic reporting that we spend on average around 9.4 years of our lives at work. Equivalent to the life expectancy, that’s sitting at almost 12% of our total lives, not accounting for travel to and from work. With such a significant proportion of our total life being spent working, there is no wonder of the proven links between job satisfaction and mental health. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it’s becoming evident of the importance of finding the best methods in which to improve our workplace experiences.

Effective communication strategies have been shown to improve not only workforce efficiency but also our workplace experience. A recent study found a significant relationship between the desire for new methods of communication and key aspects within an employee’s job satisfaction.

Managers and business owners should be open to new, innovative methods of communication within their workplace to improve their employee’s satisfaction within their roles. A sense of community goes a long way to building stronger workplace relationships and improving our job satisfaction.

Out-Of-Work experiences

Events held out-of-office offer enriching excursions to break up the monotony of working life. It doesn’t matter if you work in the city or a town, if it’s going for post-work drinks or Christmas do’s, a workforce needs something to look forward to or work towards.

Setting aside time and organising events outside of work is essential for boosting workplace morale. If your boss isn’t already doing it, take the time out of your day to organise get-togethers with willing colleagues. There are applications available for organising events within the proximity of your office location.

Improving your office environment

Admiral William McRaven once said, “If you want to change the world, start by making your own bed”. If you went to University, you’ll know that trying to study in a poorly lit, messy room simply isn’t conducive to providing your best work – this also proves true for your office space. Focusing on the little things within your office can be vital, providing the correct environment for creative ideas and productivity. Studies have shown that an over-reliance on artificial lights coupled with poor heating and temperature control are significant factors in the loss of productivity and work stressors. Cornell University found that 24% of office workers claimed poor office lighting as a factoring cause for loss of work productivity, whilst Kensington Technology Group found eye-strain to be the leading cause of stress at the workplace.

Making the switch to smarter climate control systems, predicting your routines and setting your work environment to your preferences can avoid workplace arguments over the heating, and boost a workforce’s productive capabilities.

If you’re in the market for IoT software capable of providing effective communication between co-workers, offering local events close to the office itself, as well as intelligently controlling and offering control over your work environment, you should consider the implementation of Smart Spaces into your building or office space.

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