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The Adoption of Smart Home Tech Saving Commercial Property

18 Mar 2019

The rise of Hive and Nest have made a considerable impact on the adoption of smart home technology in recent years. Their role within smart technology has proved crucial towards the estimated £10.8 billion UK spend on smart devices within 2019. While this is significant within the smart home sphere, we also spend almost 10 years of our lives at work. So, the question arises – what kind of impact would Hive and Nest-like technologies have on commercial smart buildings?

Saving costs with automated energy savings

The average UK Business spends on average £3,061 per year on gas and electricity bills. The split is as follows:

  • Micro Business – £1,062 per year
  • Small Business – £2,038
  • Medium Business – £3,146
  • Large Business – £15,609
  • Industrial – £52,931

Installation of eco-friendly smart technology within the commercial property sector would assist in shaving off some of the expense for tenants, with certain smart thermostats alone claiming to reduce energy expenditure by an estimated 27% within households. Wider use for businesses would presumably post similar figures.

Saving effort

One of both Hive and Nest’s biggest selling points upon launch was the aspect of home automation; daily schedule setting was a huge selling point for Hive, whereas Nest’s learning thermostat was a huge step forward for smart home technology enthusiasts.

Smart technology’s adoption within the commercial property market will lead to automated routine-setting and machine learning from IoT-based platforms. The impact this would have could be enormous for tenants, allowing for tailor-made and occupier-focused HVAC, lighting and energy routines based on usage trends.

Saving the world

If last week’s surge in youth climate activism across the UK is anything to go by, climate change is a very real concern that we as a society must address, no matter what generation we belong to. According to the Office for National Statistics, the commercial sector accounted for 67% of total services sector energy expenditure, up 24% since 1970.

Investment into smart technologies for commercial property will undoubtedly have a positive effect on this figure, with previously mentioned HVAC, Lighting and energy optimisation being promoted through complete building management system automation and energy reports made available to tenants. Knowing how much energy you are using and how best to address your impact is the first step in creating an environment that works for the many.

Save your time looking – this technology exists!

Smart Spaces is an IoT-enabled smart technology platform suited towards commercial adoption. The platform allows any building’s energy expenditure and uses to be controlled through the use of an innovative, white-label application suited towards tenants. Tenants can control access to the building, lighting and HVAC systems, as well as receive energy feedback, reporting and benchmarking to see how their space compares to others. The platform allows for complete building management system automation, providing tenant-specific routines towards Lighting and HVAC.

Tenant engagement is further promoted through the addition of community features, such as a Social Wall (whereby users can post, like and share unique content), in-app messaging, events and local offers from a surrounding amenities directory. This extensive list of features is the reason why Smart Spaces was shortlisted for “Proptech innovator of the year” at this year’s upcoming 2019 Property Awards. For more information, contact us at 020 7841 1655 or

Welcome to a smarter future

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