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More Than Just a Charger: Chargifi’s Smart Building Applications

18 Mar 2019

Wireless charging looked to take the world by storm, but now we’re a few years on and adoption has proven to be slower than initially planned. Issues with charging speed, usability and convenience have proven to be troublesome for early adopters of wireless charging technology. At a glance, Chargifi’s Smartspot wireless charging point could be mistaken as ‘Just another wireless charger’, but it may in fact greatly contribute towards the progression of smarter buildings and workspaces.

A More Convenient Charging Solution

The actual charging platform, labelled as a “SmartSpot”, is a smart wireless charging transmitter. These can be installed upon, through or below surface for professional mass deployment within a range of commercial, retail or hospitality uses. Users can charge their phone by placing it on the SmartSpot, which is able to be fitted in any feasible location at the business owner’s convenience. SmartSpots are multifaceted in the sense that they have both the ability to charge a user’s phone, as well as provide useful information back to host organisations from the very same charging spots.

Data Insights and Analytics from Chargifi

The concept becomes much more exciting when we account for the added benefit of data insights and analytics tracking through SmartSports, made available through the “Chargifi Analyze” dashboard. Valuable behavioural data insights, such as session time, hyper-location and dwell time can be monitored from said dashboard.

According to Clive Humby, UK Mathematician and architect of Tesco’s Clubcard, data has proven to be as valuable as oil for businesses, provided it is refined and used in the correct way. Analytics delivered from SmartSpot installations can offer a vast range of real added benefits for organisations. Whether it’s monitoring how long customers spend on average in a coffee shop or which SmartSpots are being utilised, this information can all be filtered back towards the host organisations. This allows for companies to utilise this data opening undiscovered avenues to improve the service towards employees and customers alike.

“Chargifi Manage” is an added IoT management platform, allowing for control over a company’s entire wireless charging network. Using this, real-time alerts can inform companies on diagnostics detected from their charging installations. This feature helps Chargifi’s support teams, allowing them to resolve issues over-the-air, using remote debugging tools, diagnostics management and predictive maintenance for installations.

Cross-platform Integration

“Chargifi Connect” applies Chargifi’s open API, SDK and webhooks to allow for ease of integration with other platforms and applications. Speaking in terms of the Smart Spaces platform alone, a plethora of potential uses for this data arises which can help stimulate the development of smart buildings. For example, hyper-location data could be set using a SmartSpot assigned to a particular desk. When this charging point is in use, it would recognise a recurrent Smart Spaces user, and give subsequent permissions for lighting intensity and climate control over the associated desk’s area. Further uses could include meeting room and office occupancy utilisation, hot-desking, and user profiles to provide a more personalised workspace experience.

To see more about the Chargifi’s connected smart wireless charging product, click here. If you want to learn about Smart Spaces’ vision for connected smart buildings, a platform that allows for control over your smart building systems, expanded community features (including social posts, events, offers and access to local amenity information), as well as valuable data insights, click here. Smart Spaces’ real-world IoT solution towards the modern office space is one of the reasons it has been shortlisted in the 2019 Property Awards for “Proptech Innovator of the Year”.

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