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How an App-based Approach May Change the Face of Property Management

28 Feb 2019

App innovation for commercial property management

When you want to find directions, do you ask somebody on the street or use Google Maps? When you need a ride home, do you hail a black cab or call an Uber? Whether we like it or not, society, in general, has become reliant upon apps for a wide range of everyday tasks. Despite the large proportion of time people spend working in their professions (second only to sleep), the innovation of office building applications to enhance the occupant experience has been notably slow. With the modern digital disruption of office buildings, a vast amount of data is being circulated around increasingly smarter building systems. With the right IoT platform, this evolution of digital information can be harnessed to enhance the occupant experience. Commercial property management firms should consider the implementation of a more ‘app-based’ approach to attract and retain top tier occupancies.

It has been well documented that modern tenants are becoming geared towards the ‘workplace as a service’ model of thinking, expecting their building to provide in some way towards them. After all, surveys have shown that the workplace environment can have a significant effect on a tenant’s physical and mental wellbeing. App-based approaches to property management can help in this regard by connecting occupants to the systems within their environment, but also to one another.

Elevating data exchange for Smart Systems

A holistic app-based approach to building systems can set landlords and property managers aside by placing an emphasis on an enriched, personalised experience for every occupant. Not only can occupants gain more control of their work environment and experiences, but platforms can elevate the data exchange between systems to produce tailored routines and preferences for each workplace inhabitant. This uses the presence of IoT systems and big data to add a “people” dimension to each building – a knowledge of and a service regarding each inhabitant. Access to community and social functions, occupier directories, local event suggestions and reward schemes could further enhance tenant experiences within this growingly service-based industry.

The not-so-distant future may showcase buildings whereby occupants can collectively vote on what temperature the room should be, book meeting rooms and organise local post-work events with colleagues from one central dashboard, all available from the comfort of their mobile devices.

Looking to implement a more app-based approach to property management? Smart Spaces is an intelligent smart building platform which uses data within current building systems to uplift the tenant experience and drive quality talent to vacancies. Intelligent Building Management System control, prediction and automation give a unique workplace experience for every occupant. The “Social Wall” allows occupants to share, post and message on unique content between one another, whilst access to local events and deals keep your tenants satisfied. Start a conversation with your building today – request a demo. Fill out our online form or contact us directly on 020 7841 1655 and

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