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With access to the building’s data from its varying systems, Smart Spaces can go above and beyond any standard control method. “Insights” shows us how we can best improve your workspace; encompassing who uses your building, how they use it, the occupancy and their wellness, as well as benchmarking your performance against other buildings.

Automation is one factor within the platform that “Insights” can improve, covering aspects of the building such as predictive lighting and HVAC control, as well as energy optimization.

With this, we can create a fully personalized and reformed system allowing for greater office sustainability, which can be reinforced by real-time energy saving monitoring and reports. Such reports can also account for risk analysis, such as occupier downsizing predictions and real-time analysis.

Your safety and security is extremely important to us, and our platform can help; Smart Spaces can detect and prevent cyber-crime, as well as account for employees leaving, lost entrance passes and even alerting occupants when they need to evacuate the building.


Smart Spaces is a platform developed by D2 Interactive.

We are a London-based independent company specialising in innovation, branding, designing and building mobile and web-based applications.

Founded by Dan and Tom Drogman, who had been developing software for flexible workspaces, serviced office and hospitality sectors since 2003; in 2010 they founded D2 Interactive, during the advent of the co-working movement, specialising in PropTech software development.

The scale of D2 Interactive has changed a lot over the last 8 years, now encompassing teams that specialise in: Software development, Software testing, Product design, User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Creative, Marketing, Production, Project management, Accounts, Account management and Leadership.

Since its inception, D2 interactive has held a strong track-record of consultation and the providing of software and digital solutions across the serviced office and co-working community, and connects over 1,000 brokers and providers across our digital platform.

Given our vast experience within the industry, the next step for us was to develop our vision of the future workplace – Smart Spaces. Already being customised for Great Portland Estates Plc’s central London office developments; the features of Smart Spaces as well as Smart Rewards (as mentioned in the loyalty section) can be tailored and specified for each individual requirement of the occupancy. Users can interact from a choice of the mobile app, web services as well as voice control from Amazon Alexa.

Furthermore, D2 Interactive can deliver downloads and help drive user adoption with our intelligent digital marketing strategies, helping to support your client conversion goals.

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