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D2 London Office
Floor 22
min 0 %
max 100 %
Brightness 87 %
D2 London Office
Break Out Space
Current Temp 22 °C
min 18 °C
max 35 °C
Temperature 24 °C
Fan Speed
Outside 11 °C
Humidity 66 %
Access Control
Ground Floor

Under Target

2020-04-09 10:12:19pm

105.9 kWh
Daily Target: 24.9 kWh

Buildings have feelings too.

The workplace is changing. The next generation’s workforce values their community over their paygrade, while the next generation of building systems have become more connected than ever.

As building systems are becoming more connected, they should become more intelligent.

Introducing Smart Spaces

An app that securely integrates the latest IoT technology, collecting all available data within your building system to provide complete 360° control, automation and real-time operational feedback of your smart building or office space from the comfort of your phone.


We’re always looking for ways to lighten the burden.

Poor office lighting control has shown not only to have a negative impact on our environment but also on our wellbeing. Our app communicates with the lighting system as you are on the way to work, automatically arranging the lux intensity to your preferred settings based on what you’ve previously used.

Intensity, colour and rhythms of the luminaires can be controlled from the comfort of your phone, allowing you to have a healthy mix of natural and artificial light throughout the day.

The app will advise you to turn off lights after areas have been unpopulated for long periods of time, which can be done remotely – saving energy expenditure and further reducing your carbon footprint.


How can you expect to be productive when you’re not comfortable?

Smart Spaces uses predictive technology based on trends within data from your HVAC system in order to realize when you are arriving at the building, whereby your climate will be pre-emptively altered to match your preferred settings.

The same automation can reduce and switch off climate control in less populated areas as people begin to leave, reducing your CO2 emissions and energy spending.

Can’t agree on the settings? Direct access to local temperature and air quality measures can be adjusted using a democratic climate control system, whereby occupiers can vote on the ideal working environment for everyone.

Access Control

Gone are the worries of lost access cards and arduous visitor check-in procedures.

Smart Spaces enables occupier and visitor access to the workplace, making the process as simple as possible.

We recognise and allow occupiers to enter their workplace without the need to even remove their phone from their pocket, going so far as to welcome your arrival as you walk through reception and calling the elevator to your office floor. Visitors can use Smart Spaces to access the building through a temporary QR code, rather than deal with the hassle of a busy reception.


Office buildings alone were accountable for over 10% of total energy consumption

(including fuels & petroleum) within the UK in 2017.

We’d like to change that.

Through the amalgamation of all data within the building systems, Smart Spaces can monitor your space’s energy consumption allowing you to set daily, weekly and monthly targets to achieve your energy-saving goals.

Real-time feedback and reports will recommend alterations to your control methods to lessen your energy consumption and expenditure, incentifying more sustainable options.

Voice Control

Let Alexa work harder so you don’t have to.

Smart Spaces is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, allowing for complete voice control over the smart systems in your office.

Alexa will be able to notify you when guests arrive, ask if they would like a coffee, set lighting moods for presentations, give climate readings and much more – making your life that little bit easier.


Worried about who can control your space? Don’t be.

Smart Spaces delegates role-based access control over your area.

This granular control method means that occupiers, CEOs, building managers and front-of-house staff alike can all be assigned varying levels of permissions and features over the building when using the app, making sure the permissions are relevant to their position. These are templated to lessen the administrative load.


Looking to smart enable your building, increase occupier engagement or just generally interested in the Smart Spaces offering and would like to know more? Fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

+44(0)20 7481 1655

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